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AVX J-Aramid Carbon

  • Hinoki From Japan
  • 2 Layers of Aramid Carbon & 5 Layers of Wood
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: 85 + 5g
  • Speed: 10.5
  • Control: 9.0

- Good for aggressive offensive players who use top-spin shots and smashing frequently. Good for pimple-out rubbers as well.

- The two layers of Aramid-carbon generate powerful shots from both wings. The Hinoki surfaces enhance good control and good feeling.

- Aramid is a special material that absorbs vibration and impact shock. Therefore, the two layers of Aramid-carbon create special good feeling.

- The Hinoki wood came from Kiso district of Japan. This district is well known as the area where the best Hinoki is produced.

- This blade is designed by the Japanese engineer who knows characteristics of Hinoki completely.