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AVX Ma Wenge Carbon

Finally! The AVX Avalox Ma Wenge Carbon blade is available to the public. Custom designed for the legendary former Chinese National Team player Ma Wenge, this blade has what it takes: Extreme power, yet great control - all at a weight lighter than many of the most popular carbon blades on the market. For all-out attack without compromise - this is the blade!
  • 2 Layers of Carbon & 5 Layers of Wood
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: + 85g
  • Speed: 10.0
  • Control: 9.0
  • Excellent ball feeling, explosive power and top spin.

AVX Ma Wenge C555 reviews (collected from forums and internet)
Review by Greggy (published with permission)
Just imported one of these blades from Alex, expensive compared to other Chinese brands but it is worth the money. The packaging is nothing special the finish is very high, lovely piece of craftsmanship and a very nice piece of wood.

Non speed glued on F3 Big slam 2.0 for my Son how is a looper ( as you know that is not me ) and rushed off to the hall for a hit, we also had a Donic Epoc Topspeed to try with the same rubbers, firstly the Donic was slow but with great control but nothing special. Thomas ( my son 17 yrs old ) was using a Donic Dotec carbon, nice soft feeling blade not not very fast. So the Topspeed was closer to this blade, he first though the Ma Wenge was too fast to control, but once he got used to it and that you do not need as much power to get fantastic results he loves it. You can use a soft touch over the table and big swing off the table but it is excellent for close to the table looping. I gave to one of our top players ( who was the number 1 player in India in the 90's who I think got to 60 in the world ) who said it was the best combo he had ever used, he was using a Donic Implus 7.5 with F1 2.0. He was showing people how good the setup was I was LP chopping to his forehand and he was saying this is so easy to loop back look I need no effort then he would say now I will present my shoulder to the ball more ( lean in to the shot ) and he drives the ball down the line so fast I could not get to it. A great example of a great setup used by a great player.

Only criticism is the flared handle would prefer straight.

So if you are looking for a blade that has a softish feel to it, not hard like carbon, with good touch over the table and you can loop but you want to power into the ball when needed this blade is fantastic and well worth the money. 

Review by Raf
It is a big blade and mid heavy. But give a good control, looping and drive. It has very good on table topspin and control. It has great mid distance control even when you need to return smash or drive. I am using Pronte bh and hurricane 3 fh.You will not disapointed.