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Avalox AVX Pronte


This unique and high quality rubber combines the latest German and Japanese (patented) technology. Pronte is lighter and more flexible than most Chinese rubbers, with a softer sponge, providing outstanding dwell time characteristics and control. It is well know to produce a high trajectory (high throw), which allows you to put more energy into the forwards direction of the ball, resulting in faster and very spinny loops / drives. Reported to be used by several top players, including the well known Ma Wenge.


  • Speed: A

  • Spin: A+

Reviews / Comments from forum:
I played the Pronte some years ago and beat better players than me, just by pushing the ball back without effort. I was satisfied with the rubber, but thought that there may be other rubbers which may be even better (EJ-syndrome). the last 2 years i went through an odyssee of changing setups: china-rubbers, japan-rubbers, hard, soft, fast, slow, super tacky, and everything. But with none of them i felt comfortable, my performance went down. Now i came back to my old setup (729 Hinoki Carbon with Pronte) and once again im impressed by the "compliance" the rubber has. I think it has something to do with the unusual long dwell-time of the ball on the highly-tacky and soft topsheet. With Bryce i can loop rockets, with H2 i can loop really dangerously, but what does all this count, when i lose points in passive play due to lack of control? Pronte is fast as Sriver yet tolerant as Tackiness and nearly as tacky as Globe 999. When it comes to critical points in troublesome situations the rubber never let me down. No matter if its fishing, counter-smashing, or backspin defence. With Pronte you may place the ball into the corner of the table without knowing how this happened. When you need it Pronte does it for you! I can recommend everyone to try this quite unpopular rubber out. If it won't please you, sell it to me! 
I got the pronte in soft, and it's a rubber so unique: it's so soft and bouncy that it is hardly possible to play brush loops with it, you must go straight to the ball, "press" the ball. The rubber has the highest throw (of all rubbers?) according to don iguana, and according to me, this is true. you can literaly "block" underspin, so high is the throw and so huge is the bounce. Maybe with a harder sponge the rubber plays different, but i got it in soft.

If there is a similar rubber which comes close, i would say the mambo, but the pronte has strong tack and a higher throw. Anything else you like to know?
Pronte has been called "nuclear flypaper." It's an extremely high throw, sticky but fairly fast rubber. Some people really like it but it takes some skill to get much out of it. Agooding2