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Avalox Blue Thunder 550

"The Blue thunder 550 is a light 5-ply construction, offering very good control. Blue Thunder 550 is the perfect choice for technical players that often vary spin and power in their play."


  • Blade Construction: 5- Ply Wood
  • Type: Offensive
  • Weight: + 80g
  • Speed: 8.0
  • Control: 9.5
  • Handles: Flair


This is an excellent looping blade used by many top players in the world. It has a fairly soft feel but is lively, suitable to be used with a wide variety of rubbers.


Avalox blue thunder 550 (BT550) reviews (collected from forums/internet):

I've been playing with this blade for over 5 months with AVX Sterco on both sides and it is a very decent blade. It is very light and quite fast for an all-around blade. The blade has a very soft feel, very good for controlled blocking, hitting and looping. It comes pre-coated so it is very convenient for speed gluing. This blade is very durable, I've banged and dropped mine several times and it has not broken yet. I've had a butterfly blade completely break the handle on the first drop. I'm a bit more offensive minded and do like mid-distance loop drives, but I feel that I lose some power in the mid to long distance hits. It has sufficient speed and weight (especially with heavy rubbers) for mid distance play but not as easily as heavier blades. Overall an excellent all-around blade. (Author unknown)