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Avalox AVX Mo 

"Mo's soft pimples enable you to upgrade your skills in creating effect and deception"

A quality and grippy long pimple rubber from AVX suitable for both offensive and defensive styles.


  • Speed: A+

  • Control: A+

  • Variation: A+

  • Sponge: 0.5-0.6mm

Avalox AXV MO 0.5mm red
First impressions:

The rubber looks of pretty good quality. The only words on there are AXV, MO and 'made in China'...

The colour of the rubber seems more orange than red... I've seen a few rubbers like this, so it does not appear to be an issue.

Pimple size looks close to maximum length... perhaps a touch shorter, but does not look a lot different to 955 or TSP P-1R. Tips are rough and feel quite grippy. the pimple are a little stiff, probably a grade stiffer than the 955 and a fair bit stiffer than the P-1R.

They are spaced out more than both the 955 and TSP though...

Here is a closeup:

First hit: 
I've only had a brief hit with it so far, and found it to be quite nice all-round but a little faster than both the 955 and TSP. From the brief hit I had I immediately noticed it's quite good for hitting and blocking, but I'd need to adjust to the speed for chopping... 
During practice: 
For chopping it's faster and offer a little less feel and control, but still very good. Spin reversal is fairly good too... the stiffer pimples seem to help here. It does offer good control against fast loops as well, which I only found in the 955 before.

It is very good for hitting though... attacking backspin and hitting through spin seemed particularly easy!

I blocks well, but because it feels a little springy and fast, drop shots are not as easy...

It also seems not all that sensitive to incoming spin, again the stiffer pips seem to help here...

In summary it's a good all round long pimple rubber, suitable for both chopping and attacking. It's best feature is the control offerred on hits, and it's relatively insensitivity to incoming spin.  I hear it works very well in OX on a fast blade as well, so this will be tested next...